Hospital Corporate Partners

The approximately 6,000 hospitals in the United States house fewer than 1 million beds but are tasked with helping to care for a population of over 330 million people. These institutions operate under intense time pressures, which is exacerbated by the high percentage of urgent-based care decisions associated with nonscheduled patient admissions.

Conducting high-complexity genetic testing within the facility can help hospitals thrive in this challenging environment by assisting them to better assess what are sometimes ambiguous symptomatic presentations by patients being admitted and create more accurately targeted treatments. Adding this diagnostic capacity in-house often can be difficult, especially for institutions already operating under significant logistical and budgetary constraints.

Collaboration with Tesis Biosciences allows hospitals to bring next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing in-house, thus enhancing:
• Quality and efficiency
• Timeliness of information flow
• Health outcomes for patients

By partnering with Tesis, hospitals can enable oncologists to review and discuss the significance of genetic information directly with molecular pathologists. Furthermore, as our NGS tests become larger and more complex and therapeutic options (e.g., on-label, off-label, combination therapies) proliferate, collaboration between oncologists and primary care providers within the institution will reach new heights.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss integration with hospitals to conduct genetic tests tailored to the unique needs of a particular medical specialty or clinical research project. Visit this page to learn about potential collaborative opportunities with Tesis.

Visit this page to learn about potential collaborative opportunities with Tesis.

Hospital Corporate Partners