Tesis Biosciences develops integrated relationships with accountable care organizations (ACOs) and independent physician associations (IPAs) to bring targeted, high-complexity testing expertise, technology and knowledge to their patients.

During the clinical assessment process, physicians can choose from a number of testing options to help determine what issues are affecting the patient and what treatments are appropriate. Often times, multiple diagnostic procedures are used to assess potential underlying causes for symptoms. Many of these procedures are costly, uncomfortable for the patient and ultimately unnecessary.

Tesis makes possible the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) to expedite the diagnostic process, provide a more precise result, significantly reduce costs and, most importantly, enhance the patient outcome.

For ACOs facing logistical and budgetary constraints, it can be particularly challenging to offer NGS testing in-house. ACOs can add this capability by collaborating with Tesis, thus improving quality and efficiency, timeliness of information flow and patient outcomes. We welcome the opportunity to discuss integration with ACOs to conduct genetic tests tailored to the needs of a specific medical specialty or clinical research project.

Tesis also partners with IPAs to deliver an integrated model combining in-house and unique collaborative access to our state-of-the-art genetic, pathology and infectious disease testing systems. This level of detailed analysis is not available anywhere else.

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